Tortle Related Publications


Academic study on Tortle effectiveness


Neumann University, in collaboration with Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital has lead a study regarding Tortle effectiveness on infants with plagiocephaly.

The study compared the effects of Tortle and Physical Therapy with Physical Therapy alone in infants with plagiocephaly.

14 infants < 6 months old with plagiocephaly were randomly assigned to groups using concealed allocation: PT plus Tortle™ or PT alone.

Data collections occurred monthly thanks to reliable measuring instruments.

These pilot data support use of PT plus Tortle™ to improve head symmetry; and PT to improve neck rotation, strength, and gross motor development in infants with plagiocephaly.

Physical therapy with Tortle™ was better for infants with plagiocephaly than PT alone. If started young enough, this intervention may decrease the need for an infant to obtain a helmet. All the infants in this study had plagiocephaly and asymmetries in neck strength, PROM, and head posture, and delayed Gross Motor development; all of which responded to physical therapy.


⇒   Download here Neumann study on Tortle